Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® Cards

Virtual rewards are an ideal choice for today’s mobile-minded people. Delivered via email, this reward is right there at their fingertips. You benefit, too, by avoiding card production and shipping costs. In our experience, virtual rewards are a great option for market research, online contests, and any time that fast delivery adds impact to your incentive.

*wallet enablement coming soon

Step 1: Create Your Virtual Rewards

Choose any amount up to $999, and request Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® Accounts. You’ll get a list of links that you can send directly to recipients via email, plus you can include a custom message to your recipient.

Step 2: Claim Virtual Rewards

To claim their Virtual Prepaid Mastercard Account, recipients only need to provide their name and address.

Step 3: Start Shopping

Recipients can use their Virtual Rewards to start shopping online immediately.

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