Holiday Gifts You Can Reward Your Employees

20 Jun 2021

The winter holiday season is the ideal time to express your appreciation to your staff. The year is coming to an end and people are preparing for the holidays. Getting a little something special for your employees is incredibly valuable.

Present exchanges are common at the end of the year, even though they’re not required. Bosses everywhere are searching for gifts, whether it’s for a particular holiday—Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or New Year’s—or just to commemorate the passing of another year.

Finishing the year on a good note is critical for ensuring that everybody returns to work in the new year motivated and ready to go—and one of the simplest ways to do so is through employee incentives or holiday gifts.

What are five good gifts for employees? Here’s a list of some ideas that will make your employees happy this year:

Gift Cards

Gift cards and prepaid cards are one of the fastest, simplest and most effective holiday gifts possible. People don’t realize giving prepaid cards or gift cards means actually giving the gift of choice as well!

Gift cards and prepaid cards can be used in well-known stores and supermarkets, so you can allow your workers to choose where and how they want to spend. You can be sure that your employees will get something they want with this added layer of flexibility.

In distributing gift cards, the presentation counts for a lot. Present them in customized greeting cards or holders, and hand them out in person (if possible) with a word of thanks for that employee’s contributions during the year.


A handy piece of tech can make a great gift. It can be something as basic as a desk phone dock or a selfie stick. If you have a slightly larger budget, why not let your workers choose whatever piece of technology they want?

There are cost-effective technology programs that offer your staff discounted access to high-quality tech and devices, with the option to spread the cost out over several months. They don’t have to pay anything upfront, and there are no background checks or interest charges—just an affordable payment plan for the new smartphones or laptop that they really want.

Time Off

There is a lot to be said about businesses that understand the value of work–life balance. Allowing your workers the option of taking additional vacation time, in addition to their regular vacation time, can be extremely beneficial to your employees’ productivity and well-being.

Getting time off at the end of the year is always welcomed, whether it’s to serve at a local nonprofit center or just to spend time with family and friends.


A traditional holiday gift with endless possibilities is food. After all, who can say no to free food? Chocolates, holiday cakes, cookies, holiday meats, fruit baskets, cheese boards, preserves and more.

Choose a customized platter with your business logos for more personalized service. It shows your appreciation and ensures that workers are feeling positive regarding their return to work in the New Year.

Bottle of Wine

It’s a classic holiday gift, and the extra effort is really appreciated by people. Most people enjoy a nice bottle of wine while spending their holidays with loved ones. It is important to be mindful that not everybody, for individual or religious reasons, drinks alcohol.

The easiest way to confirm is to ask your staff if anyone would prefer a substitute. Although the surprise may be ruined slightly, this step makes sure no one is left out or offended.

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