Simpler Incentive Solutions

Blackhawk Network On Demand makes it easy for you to choose the right rewards for your employees, customers and sales teams. We have a variety of popular options, plus unrivaled industry experience to deliver effective incentive rewards.  

With Blackhawk Network On Demand, you can create an account and start ordering rewards for your business within just two business days. Browse our Mastercard®, eftpos and Visa® Reward Cards, single-merchant gift cards, eCodes and rewards that are exclusively ours. You’re sure to find an option that will delight your recipients.

Employee Rewards

You need to keep employees engaged and motivated. That’s no small feat, given the variety of preferences and desires individuals have. That’s what makes reward cards the go-to crowd-pleaser. And the most popular reward is a Mastercard®, eftpos or Visa® Reward Card, preferred by 64% of recipients.* These incentives beat out other common options, including merchandise, extra days off, and trophies or plaques. 

If you’re looking for rewards and recognition ideas that employees really value, talk to one of our employee incentives experts about your options, including:

Mastercard or eftpos Reward Cards you can customise with your logo and personalise with employees’ names—plus, you can add a brief message like “GREAT JOB”.

A wide array of single merchant gift cards that let you reward employees with top national brands. Consider what everyone might enjoy, such as a popular restaurant or meal delivery service.

Can’t decide on one gift card for all your recipients? Give the reward of choice and provide a unique experience with exclusive multi-store cards from Blackhawk Network. Treat recipients to restaurants, entertainment or shopping—on one convenient card.

Talk to an employee rewards and recognition expert now.

*The Incentives Study was an online survey of 1,002 US adults conducted February 4 through 12, 2019 by Murphy Research.

Consumer Incentives

Whether you’re striving to improve customer acquisition, loyalty or retention goals, you need an effective incentive strategy. Offering rewards that customers really want can help ensure the success of your program—but how do you choose just one reward that appeals to everyone?

Blackhawk Network gives you a wide variety of solutions to please your card recipients. Whether you choose merchant gift cards, customised Mastercard® or eftpos Reward Cards, or one of Blackhawk’s exclusive options, your new customers will feel appreciated by you and your company.

Personalisation Makes Customers Feel Good

Whichever solution you choose, be sure to personalise your delivery email or SMS. Your customer wants to be recognised as an individual, and including their name and a brief message will remind them that they are one of your most valued patrons.

Let our incentive experts help you put together the best rewards strategy for your customer acquisition, loyalty, retention or referral program.

Our API Solution

Our customers come from all business segments. The one thing they all need is a fast, accurate and easy reward card management solution. Blackhawk Network On Demand offers a suite of APIs that can save time, reduce order errors and provide detailed reporting.  Our APIs are an ideal solution for:

Loyalty programs needing fast, digital card fulfillment and card activation

Reward programs offering premium eGift card options

Consumer promotions utilising rewards to combat discounts

Employee recognition programs helping build workplace engagement, wellness program participation and, of course, rewarding a job well done