The Right Way to Show Employee Appreciation

More than ever, your employees deserve some appreciation. So for Employee Appreciation Day (or any other day), don’t give them caps and cups; give them the rewards they want — reward cards.

In fact, research shows 84% of employees prefer prepaid or gift cards over merchandise and company-branded gifts.* These incentives beat out other common options, including merchandise, extra days off, and trophies or plaques. 

What’s so great about reward cards?

They allow employees to treat themselves to something they wouldn’t normally buy. Plus, they’re the rewards that are always in style and never get returned.

Which reward is the right award?

Research has also shown that the most desirable and motivating rewards are Mastercard®, eftpos or Visa® Prepaid Cards.* They provide the most flexibility, can be used almost anywhere and come in physical (plastic) and digital formats.

The Right Place

Now that you know prepaid rewards and gift cards are the right way to show some employee appreciation, order them in the right place—right here at Blackhawk Network On Demand. We have the rewards you need and make ordering easy, hassle-free and fast.

How does your rewards program stack up?

As our world gets smaller and increasingly digitised, motivating your employees from afar in the ways they want is a major competitive differentiator. To see how you stack up, download the How to Build a Rewards Program for Today’s Workforce infographic today.

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